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There has been a lot of changes in the music industry in the last few years, therefore, we have found that, in many situations, the composer, editor, performer and musician is often unaware or despise what would be an important source of income; the royalties they are entitled to receive due to their participation in musical works.

Our mission is to represent this category of musicians, before ECAD and its collecting associations.For this, we will take care of all the necessary documentation for the collection, request and follow up of royalties, distributing to the rights holder their share as well as preparing reports and payment statements, in an agile, safe and transparent way.

Brazil, a giant, open to various musical styles.


Brazil is a very large country and therefore there are lots of radio and TV broadcasters.  We have approximately 9589 * radio broadcasters and 521 * television broadcasters.

Brazilian people have a very eclectic music taste. They enjoy songs of various styles and languages, songs performed by bands and singers from several parts of the world;

In addition to the well-known systems of public performance, that consists of radio and TV stations, it is interesting to inform you, holder of copyrights, that the collection, carried out by the Brazilian agency responsible for such business in Brazil, ECAD,  also takes place in commercial establishments which have music, such as: Shops, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

In addition to the traditional systems of musical performances, there is the digital market, where through the Internet and Apps for mobile devices, new and old musical works reach the general public.

*Fonte: MiniCom.

Creative Share and You:

A partnership with guaranteed return.

  • Public Performance Rights


It is the right related to the performance of musical works in public places, by any means or process, including, radio and TV broadcasting and also cinematographic exhibition.

Based on your Rights of Public Performance in Brazil, Creative Share will represent you before ECAD and one of its collecting associations. We will request and follow up the release of retained credits; analyze, correct and insert your data in musical works that you can prove you have participated that, by chance, is not in their ISRC’s database.

  • Synchronization Rights


Also known as Right of Inclusion, it is the right originated from the convergence between audio and visual, such as soundtrack of a film, soap, TV commercial, TV station programming, theater play, etc.

Creative Share will represent you, negotiating, collecting and distribute the royalties related to the authorizations of your songs in order to be used as soundtracks for audio-visual productions.

  • Phonomechanical Rights


This is the kind of right related to the use of your music on physical media, such as: CD, Vinyl, DVD, Blue Ray etc;
It is exercised by record companies and Creative Share may:
Prepare contracts, provide legal advice, negotiate, receive and distribute royalties.

  • Digital Rights


With the increasing use of the Internet, a new kind of Right has emerged, the so-called Digital Right, which is related to the use of your music in digital plataforms. Creative Share will work together with you on the following areas:


  • Creation and Monetization of Channels on YouTube;

  • Distribution of your musical contents to large digital stores, such as; iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Rdio, etc.)

  • Distribution of your musical work to be sold at the main mobile telecom companies.

Learn more about the different kinds of musical performances and financial collections related to them, in Brazil: