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TIMELINE - Creative Share.
Origins in the 50's


For almost 60 years, our family, the maintainer of Creative Share, has been working in the Brazilian and international music field.A long time ago, in 1959, Eron Figueiredo, the creator of Creative Share, started his professional life in the record company "Discos Imperial", a Brazilian subsidiary of the English Odeon.Eron is the uncle of Ede Cury who is the manager of the singer Leonardo (considered by the TV host Faustão, as the right-hand person of the singer). Eron is also the brother-in-law of Rosavaldo Cury, former owner of Copacabana label (recently mentioned in the Book "Band of Millions" by Tom Gomes). Eron is married to the sister of the romantic singer from the 70’s, Mauro Sergio.


After working at several record companies and winning many friends in Brazil and abroad in the music business, Eron established, 20 years ago, the record label MNF. Being the first Brazilian record company to bring to Brazil international music icons and to create its own productions.


At the same time when one of the main national artists, Roberto Carlos, had just released his first DVD (Sony Music), MNF brought from Greece, the world myth, Demis Roussos (who during the 70s and 80s had a contract with Philips label / Phonogram) for a series of concerts in tupiniquins’ land, where it was recorded the DVD - DEMIS ROUSSOS LIVE IN BRAZIL.


The project was audacious and controversial. At every promotion for the event, MNF received lots of phone calls. It seemed that the fans did not believe that all that would really happen and they would keep asking the same question: “Is he really gonna come?” And, to the delirium of the spectators at Via Funchal, in São Paulo;  at Embratel Convention, in Curitiba; at the former Academy Music Hall where the fans from Brasília crowded the venue, all DEMIS ROUSSOS’ shows were an absolute success!


Shortly thereafter, MNF received a proposal from Europe, from the record company Vidisco, commenting that Som Livre in Portugal (at that time, Globo organizations still owned the record company in that country) would like to do business with MNF to edit in Europe the DEMIS ROUSSOS LIVE IN BRAZIL CDs and DVDs that had just been released in Brazil, and thus, this production made in Brazil, became a success throughout Europe in 2006.


In 2011, MNF re-released in Brazil the DVD Demis Roussos Live in Brazil, which included new editing of images, new audio and new graphic design. MNF also re-released the CD Demis Roussos Live in Brazil, a digitally remastered audio version.


Some time later, MNF dared once again and managed to sign another big contract, this time with the mission of producing and releasing the DVD and CDS from the live shows that the Scottish band NAZARETH would perform in Brazil. In the phonographic "world", when artists and bands are famous, they always want to evaluate the final content of the DVD or CD for quality approval before the release. Such demand was made at the beginning of the relationship between the label MNF and the Nazareth band!

After the hard work involved in editing videos, mixing, adding subtitles and other details, the Brazilian label sent the "master for approval" to Scotland and obtained the following comment from bassist Pete Agnew (founder of Nazareth), "this was the most brilliant work accomplished in 40 years of career, you may release it, it’s approved. Congratulations for the production, talented Brazilians!”


In July 2012, the filmmaker Bio Illusion, from the Czech Republic, got in touch with MNF with the aim of obtaining, through the record company from Curitiba, the rights to use the images from NAZARETH LIVE IN BRAZIL DVD for the documentary Nazareth Nekonečný Rockový Mejda, that would tell the history of the band and the secret of being able to have success and crowd shows after more than 4 decades. Another international contract was signed with the label located outside the Rio-São Paulo region.


When it comes to productions with Brazilian artists, it is worth remembering the brilliant recordings that the MNF produced with famous artists like Fagner, Erasmo Carlos, Leo Jaime, Eduardo Dussek and many other icons of the Brazilian music (the Cd from Jovem Guarda hits, “O Pulo do Negro Gato”.)

1961: After two years of activities at Imperial Records, a subsidiary of Odeon, Eron Figueiredo, who was only 14 years old then, receives from Ely Jacob de Oliveira the award of best salesman of the company.

Cleide Regina, a singer of the 70's, Eron Figueiredo, his wife, Mercedes Nieto de Figueiredo, the singer Morris Albert (at the peak of the success with the song "Feelings" and Ely Jacob de Oliveira (responsible for getting Eron hired in 1959) .

October 2005, MNF’s headquarters in Curitiba: Eron Figueiredo, Demis Roussos and Eron Filho.

Nazareth vocalist Dan McCafferty, giving autographs when he arrived in "Tupiniquins Land", for the recording and filming of the DVD "NAZARETH LIVE IN BRAZIL".